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Miserable FM
December 4, 2007, 9:27 am
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I’ve had this idea for a radio show for years.. I always imagined it going out on Radio 2 about midnight on a Sunday. It wouldn’t have a genre, it would have a tone. Everything I played would be sweetly melancholy, haunting, sad, quiet. Be it a reggae tune or an old blues number or some indie track, the mood would stay the same. I’ve even knocked up a mix / demo I might post up here one day.

Anyway, in keeping with that, here’s three tracks that would definitely make the show

PW Long With Reelfoot – Oleander
Country blues from the former Mule frontman who’s been putting out wonderful albums to almost zero acclaim for a long time

from the album We Didn’t See You On Sunday (Touch & Go)

Elvis Presley – Good Time Charlie Got The Blues
An unfairly neglected country tune from Presley in about 1973.

from the album Elvis Country (RCA)

The Gladiators – Looks Is Deceiving
Gorgeous mid-70s roots from one of the finest vocal reggae outfits.

from the album Trenchtown Mix-Up

Well, I think it would make a good show. So if there’s any Radio 2 producers reading…

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Aces idea, although midnight on a sunday is way too late. Could I suggest more like 7 or 8pm on a sunday evening when there’s nothing on the telly other than Heartbeat or old men rolling down the Yorkshire Dales in a bathtub after some other “hilarious” escapade invariably gone wrong. If you could add the ambience of your mum nagging you to do your home work and the lard mongs from a roast dinner, I reckon you’d be onto a winner!

Comment by pootle

pitch to resonance dub

Comment by ill speed

Great idea, i’d listen in.
Timings right IMO.(beats listening to snoring anyhow lol)
If it takes off I’d recommend some tracks for you.(whether you want me to or not)
what would you call it though?
Hows about mumbling dubs miserable midnight meltdown? (or maybe not lol)

Comment by magic sam

to be fair, you’re one of about 4 people in the world ever I’d trust not to fuck it up!
so yes – you’re in!

Comment by dubversion

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