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Albums Of The Year #6
December 31, 2013, 1:00 pm
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06. Future Of The Left – How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident (Prescription)

2013-12-30 12.23.03

(another signed copy, biatches)

All the best reviews tend to start with a grandiose statement, a gauntlet thrown down. So how about “Future Of The Left are the best guitar band in Britain and the best Welsh band ever”?

Somebody once asked me to describe what Future Of The Left sounded like and, being drunk, the best I could manage was ‘a cross between Shellac and Half Man Half Biscuit’ and I’m not sure that’s so far off the mark. Their new, brilliant, crowd-funded fourth album How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident is full of songs that are exactly that: taut, precise, bass-heavy hardcore tracks married to some of the most splenetic, witty and brilliantly furious lyrics I’ve ever heard. They’ve been a powerful, blistering four piece for the last couple of albums, with Julia Ruzicka’s bass a highlight ever since, achieving that perfect Bob Weston low end rumble. But of course, Future Of The Left aren’t content with being just a top notch hardcore band  (although they definitely are that). As ever, the album is packed full of odd touches and curious tangents: the sweet harmonies of I Don’t Know What You Ketamine, the almost Mogwai-esque ballad French Lessons, the newsreader delivery of state of the nation address Singing On The Bonesaws, which is the centrepiece of the album – 5 minutes of loathing, sarcasm and scathing wit delivered in Falkous’ best RP diction. Kicking off with swipes at the music industry (a regular FOTL target), it takes in celebrity paedophiles, Daniel Day Lewis and Kim Kardashian being chased by an angry bear. Half Man Half Biscuit have recorded some similar list-songs in the past, but whereas Nigel Blackwell tends towards petty frustrations and irksome minutiae, Falkous sounds like he’s ready to lay waste to the fucking lot and start over. And of course, Half Man Half Biscuit don’t rock this hard.

 Joe Orton once said “cleanse my heart – give me the ability to rage correctly”. I have no idea about the condition of Falkous’ heart, but by God his rage is perfect. 5/5 – Narc Magazine


Albums Of The Year #7
December 31, 2013, 12:00 pm
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07. Sleaford Mods – Austerity Dogs (Harbinger Sound)


“The original blueprint (of Sleaford Mods) from 2006 still stands and I have adapted it from album to album. It helps that Andrew sorts the music. His tastes are different to mine but I like what he brings to it. It’s given it a new life. We aren’t a hip hop act at all. We are closer to rap I think, and rap’s got a planet all of its own.. Hip Hop relies on a stern beat structure and it’s become an historic medium. Rap, for me, is still fresh – it looks after Grime and the Rant and still has uncharted territory.” As for comparisons for his vocal delivery, names like John Cooper Clarke, Mark E Smith and Steve Ignorant from Crass get bandied around a lot. Just don’t compare him to Mike Skinner: “I don’t like the Streets comparisons much, a lot of Mike Skinner’s work has dated really badly… he didn’t take care of it very well. People always use the excuse that when you make it you run out of things to say. I disagree, I ain’t made it so to speak, but the struggle never ends. No amount of reward can bury that surely? There is hell in everything and it needs to be pointed at.” - Narc interview, November

Albums Of The Year #8
December 31, 2013, 11:00 am
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08. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away (Bad Seed)

2013-12-30 16.40.02-1

I didn’t get Push The Sky Away at first. I liked it, but it seemed like a minor Bad Seeds album. Only when I saw the songs performed live this year – at Glastonbury and Edinburgh – did it fall into place. Especially Jubilee Street – very good on the album, absolutely fucking raging live. This still isn’t in the very top flight of Cave’s work but it’s magnificent nonetheless.


Albums Of The Year #9
December 31, 2013, 10:00 am
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09. The Devil – The Devil (Copy)


2013-12-30 12.22.10

Bad Ben Waller. I once saw him, or them – the Country Teasers – support Mudhoney at the Astoria and play a version of Pink Floyd’s Nuremberg Rally hit In The Flesh that appalled as many people as it made laugh in uncomfortable recognition. Ben Waller is that kinda guy.

But his new band The Devil is a different matter – musically amazing, lyrically slightly less bilious than usual. It calls some of the GREATEST guitarrorists from the late 80s / early 90s (you know the list – Jesus Lizard, Butthole Surfers, Big Black) and finishes with a fantastically intense cover of Kool Keith’s Girls Want You, Keith’s priapic swagger rendered flaccid and empty by Waller’s arch delivery.



Albums Of The Year #10
December 31, 2013, 9:00 am
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10. Frontier Ruckus – Eternity Of Dimming (Loose)

2013-12-30 12.24.23

Over the course of 20 songs, 90 minutes and around 5000 words, songwriter Matthew Milia and his utterly beguiling band take you back to their 90s Michigan childhoods and you simply won’t want to leave. This third album is getting much-deserved exposure courtesy of Loose and songs like Black Holes and Dealerships have enough melodic shimmer for the radio. As ever, the songs are driven by banjo and musical saw and Milia’s astonishing words – full of small sweet details and a hazy summer’s end melancholy that manages to be deeply personal in its specifics and yet universal in its emotional impact. Almost overwhelming in its beauty and lyricism, this album will burrow into your heart and stay there. 5/5 (Narc Magazine review)

Yep. I fucking love this band

Single Of The Year
December 30, 2013, 6:11 pm
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I don’t really keep up with singles any more – I don’t listen to much radio, don’t buy many singles unless they’re scratchy old soul 7 inches. But this tune wormed into my head early in the year and never shifted and it’s the undisputed, uncontested Single Of The Year.

I’m also a sucker for fantastic pop songs about how powerful and healing fantastic pop music can be (see also Pretty Girls Make Graves’ Speakers Push Air)

Serafina Steer – Disco Compilation (Stolen)

2013-12-30 18.05.58

Albums Of The Year: 15-11
December 30, 2013, 3:35 pm
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15. Mogwai – Les Revenants (Rock Action)

2013-12-30 12.22.00

After Zidane, this was a natural step somehow. The TV series was an impossibly French and totally compelling watch, gently chilling and beautifully shot. The music worked perfectly, Mogwai at their most meditative and understated.

14. Parquet Courts -Light Up Gold (What’s Your Rapture?)

2013-12-30 12.22.47

I kicked back against this album, resisted its charms because it is just so fucking retro, a slacker karaoke act. But it wore me down, because it’s just SO good. And if you’re going to be slavishly imitative, it might as well be Pavement, Archers of Loaf and the like that you’re slavishly imitating

13. Grumbling Fur – Glynnaestra (Thrill Jockey)

2013-12-30 12.23.54I’m going to defer to the occasionally marvelous, occasionally wretched Quietus magazine review for this one, because the writer nails it.

Grumbling Fur make me want to take drugs. And I don’t mean drugs like a few puffs on a spliff before bedtime or on a lazy Saturday afternoon, or a cheeky dabble at a rave to keep the energy flowing – I mean proper, don’t-eat-for-18-hours-beforehand, make-sure-you’ve-got-a-couple-of-good-people-around-you, psychically prepared voyaging, preferably on a warm and sunny but slightly overcast afternoon in a field somewhere in the West Country, or in a friend’s house cluttered to the rafters with fascinating and peculiar objects. On their second album Glynnaestra, the duo of Alexander Tucker and Daniel O’Sullivan conjure up a wonderfully evocative and distinctly British kitchen sink psychedelia, an intimate shared space where the whistle of a kettle and the clatter of pots and pans can sit seamlessly alongside heavily reverbed 80s pop synths, expansive rural landscapes, delectably ludicrous choruses and invocations to imaginary deities.” – Rory Gibb, The Quietus.

Yeh, that. And how nobody ever thought to do this before is a mystery:

12. Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds – Haunted Head (In The Red)

2013-12-30 12.22.21Signed copy, bitches…

Kid Congo Powers was in The Cramps, The Bad Seeds and The Gun Club. He’s cooler than you, or pretty much anybody else. Even if this album was a crock, he’d STILL be cooler than you. But it’s not – of course it’s not. It’s a killer collection of dumbass garage rock, trogolodyte punk, funky go go soul grooves and steamy Latino lounge. Some songs are barely more than a riff, a drumbeat and a whispered vocal. But WHAT a riff, and WHAT a drumbeat. This is the Kid’s fourth album with his Pink Monkey Birds and it might well be the best. Like ‘Let’s Go’ says, this is music for “the cholos and the weirdos and the creeps”. Hell Yeah! 5/5

11. The Handsome Family – Wilderness (Carrot Top / Loose)

2013-12-30 12.25.24

“Press release descriptions tend to be simultaneously florid and content-free, but I’ll make an exception for the press sheet accompanying the new Handsome Family album, which describes “a world where David Attenborough meets David Lynch in a Honky-Tonk bar at midnight”. That does a fair job of summoning up the weird and fecund mood of Wilderness, the husband and wife duo’s ninth album, on which the magical realism of previous albums (full of lonely magnets and poodles who want to be cowboys and ghosts trapped in airports) goes a stage further by adding a visual element – a book, also called Wilderness, which features Rennie Sparks’ gorgeous artwork alongside essays, writings and ephemera. Rennie has long had a parallel ‘career’ as an artist and writer (check their website to see more) and this seems a logical step. To call Rennie’s work ‘outsider art’ might not do it justice, but there is something luminous and strange, perhaps a little mid-period Louis Wain, about how she captures the essence of animals.” - my Narc interview, May 


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